Comms Room Tidy Ups

A Messy Comms Rack or Room Costs your Business Time and Money – Let Blue Sky Comms organise your space.

It’s amazing how a simple install that started off a bit sloppy (but manageable in the beginning) can quickly gather momentum and become the norm in your Comms room as well as being a real problem for your business.

Most technicians close their eyes, complete the job they’ve been assigned for the day and leave.  That’s not our style.  We have a reputation for having the cleanest installs in the business and for fixing even the most chaotic Comms rooms setups.

If you think your Comms room is the worst and couldn’t possibly be put to rights,  relax.  We’ve probably seen worse and fixed it.  We will take a rational look at the mess and advise you on the best way to move forward.

Take a look at the photos on our Past Jobs page.  This is what you can expect your Comms room to look like when we have finished.

Why not having an organised Comms rack is a problem:

Getting your Comms room put to rights is an investment in your business.  Not only does it lessen the chance of costly mistakes make by technicians dealing with confusing tangled spider webs that come out of years of neglect, but it also means that you save on service calls down the track.

You can even save on staff relocations inside your office by doing it yourself.  If you have paid for integrated cabling coming back to patch panels, then built into the cost of that installation is your ability to relocate phones and computers on your own without needing a technician to charge you a service call to do it.  If everything is numbered properly, patched according to colour codes (Yellow for phones, Blue for Computers, Red for Don’t Touch) then you can do the majority of moves and changes yourself and save on service costs.

With a call to us we’ll happily talk you through relocating your people, handsets and computers on your own.   We work on your satisfaction and referrals rather than ticking you down and making you pay for each and every service, especially those services you can do for yourself with the right planning for your phone system.