Covid 19 presents some unique problems for businesses.  Stage 1-4 restrictions can happen at any time due to Government reactions to the Virus’s spread.  Staff could be sent home with short notice and staff already accustomed to working from home might not want to come back into the office.  Its time to prepare for a new working environment that could be with us for some time.


Our Solution is to focus on portability and protection


We recommend our Hosted Voice Yealink T54W handset.Yealink SIP-T54W

This phone can work in a wired or wireless environment.

Have it plugged into your office network.

Take it home and plug in the power pack and if your home office/dining room table is not wired you can link your phone to your home WiFi network.

The T54W Pairs Bluetooth with your mobile phone headset.

Can upload your mobile phone contact list as well as keep your company contact list on it too.

It only needs connection to the internet.  No Special VPN setup or back to base link or expensive routers to buy and take home with you or provisioning from your IT provider.


Get the highest internet speed you can, and then back it up with 4G


Netcomm 4g Enabled RouterGet the Highest NBN speed offered in your area with 4G backup.

The NBN is under unprecedented demand at the moment and has speed fluctuations and dropouts.

If your NBN speed is the highest available the fluctuations will be dampened.

With 4G backup if the NBN goes down you can still keep working.

We can provide you with 4G enabled Modems for your office and home use.

And our partner carriers will be able to connect you to the quickest internet at both addresses.

Expected Cost is approx $120 Per Month for 100/40 + 4G backup  Modem Included






Install a modern professional camera system that reports right to your smartphone


Get a modern professional grade camera system.  Get a licensed security equipment technician to install it.   Security Camera Surveillance on your phone

The modern camera systems can be viewed from your phone at time anywhere you have internet access on your smart phone.

The newer apps can be set up to trigger on smart events to send you a 15second clip.

Someone moving in your warehouse in the hours where it should be shut?

Has someone entered your yard when the gate has been shut?

Is someone inside the office when they shouldn’t be?

Even if the intruder is smart enough to take the camera system they can not get rid of the clip already sent to your device.

Modern cameras also can have Micro SD cards in each critical Camera to store that data as well.

We can recommend licensed Camera System Installers.



Portability, Take your phone and work laptop where ever you need it.

Internet Connectivity where you and your staff are

Internet connectivity at your work place and any other locations you need it.  We can arrange NBN ADSL and 4G data services with our partner carriers.


Security, Watch and monitor your premises while you’re not there. We can advise you on suitable Installers