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Exceptional Value – Reliable Used NEC Digital Phone System

October 9th, 2011


NEC XEN phone systemReliable second-hand NEC phone systems, up to 8 Lines and 8 Handsets Supplied and INSTALLED on existing sockets for $1500+GST.


The XEN range in our opinion is one of the most robust and reliable phone system NEC ever made.

We will back that up with 1 Year Parts warranty on any XEN system or handset we install for you.We are so confident that you will have no technical problems with this hardware we will back them as if they were bought new from us.

8 Line and up to 8 Handsets NEC phone system

Installed for $1500.00+GST

On existing intact cabling to all points where you want a phone.

Purchase up to 3 additional handsets for $150+GST installed each.

This system is upgradeable to 16Lines and 32 Handsets so it grows as your business grows.

NEC XEN Capabilites
Total Telephone lines 16
Total Digital Handsets 32
Digital Handsets 32
Single Line Telephones 24
Speed Dialing 1000 system
Battery Backup Standard 20-30 minutes
External paging Yes
MOH Port Standard
16 DTU Handsets

  • 16 Programmable Keys
  • Red/Green LED indication in those keys
  • Adjustable 3 line LCD display
  • Hands-free operation
  • Inbuilt Headset jack
  • Available in white or black


Easy to Install.

Only 1-pair wire is required to connect telephones.   That means we can get two handsets into a particular location where there was only one before as each socket usually comes with two pairs and sometimes 3.

The system comes with a Music On Hold port to connect your choice of radio (which your staff can then listen to through their telephone handsets if they wish) or your own advertising material.

It also comes with an External Paging port.

Its Easy for us to Maintain for you.

Cards can be hotswapped.  We don’t have to turn off the phone system or disrupt your business at all to install additional equipment or to alter existing components

We keep your system programming saved on our systems so that in the unlikely and in the first twelve months covered by warrenty event that the system looses its memory we can restore all your programming within minutes of arriveing on site.

Out techs know the systems backwards and can talk you through any minor programming changes when you ring us if you want to keep costs down and DIY

Easy to Use.

With 16 Dual Coloured LED buttons its easy to see at a glance who is on the phone, and transfer your call to them with one button press.
Speakerphones are standard, providing full handsfree operation.

All Xen phones have a built-in headset jack. We can program a headset key for you for one button answering.

The large Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) on the display terminals provides call status data and programming information.

An SLT Adapter can be additionally purchased with the system Your fax machine through the system, cordless phones, eftpos machines, or similar devices.

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