GSM Gateway

A GSM Gateway is mobile phone device that is connected to your PABX or Key Phone system which allows you to make calls from your Phone System using a mobile network.

In other words, you can connect your telephone system to the GSM network and take advantage of the cheaper call rates available from Mobile Phone Carriers.

Why Use a GSM Gateway device?

Calls to mobile phones are usually the most expensive part of your monthly phone bill. With call rates exceeding 30c a minute, calls to mobile phones often make up to 70% of a companies total phone bill.

When it comes to calling out to a mobile phone, many mobile carriers have much better deals than the fixed wire carriers. Using a Mobile phone plan, you can take advantage of much cheaper Mobile to Mobile call rates and fleet call plans to reduce your phone bill dramatically.

Because many of your outbound calls will route via the GSM Gateway, you may be able to save even more by reducing the number of landlines you have connected!

Find our how you can get unlimited calls for $129 per month using the GSM Gateway.