Hosted Voice Explained

What is hosted voice?

Hosted Voice uses IP Telephony to connect to the virtual phone system and deliver phone calls and all its features across data networks rather than the old traditional PSTN line service.

It’s only suited for those with NBN or 4G internet.  It simply will not work with ADSL.

The handsets provision themselves to a virtual phone system stored on a secured server in the cloud.  We listen to your wants and needs and program the phones to work accordingly.  It is a full featured phone system as any of the traditional manufacturers have provided in the past.

At BlueSky Comms our core business has always been phone systems and we chose our Hosted Voice Platform accordingly.

It’s not cut down and offers all the Automated Attendant Trees, Voicemail, Voicemail to email, Mobile Phone Apps and Desktop clients with Video Conferencing.  Hold Music is fully customisable as are any Comfort greetings.  You can record them yourselves through your handsets or we can provide custom Pre-recorded announcments and hold messages through partnerships with some of the biggest in the industry in Australia.

It’s advantage is that you merely need the handset, power and an internet connection to take your business handset where ever you go.  Also your staff can answer calls on the go with their smart phone Apps and their laptops.

Our Yealink handsets are wireless and Bluetooth connected so they can work even without a wired connection.

If your team is all in one place or scattered across Melbourne or indeed Australia in these trying times we simply mail each Yealink handset to the staff members address.  They connect to their Home Wifi networks and your phonesystem is connected and they can start taking calls. Or we email them a link to their smart phones, they download the app on their mobiles and log in.

With our Hosted voice platform we recommend and use Yealink.  They have become market leaders both in R and D and the number of handsets sold.

We also use Yealink because of the Wireless and Bluetooth features and are particularly behind them at the moment with the COVID-19 situation due to their portability.

Yealink has really stepped up its quality of manufacture as it’s gained larger market share and more capitol base to invest in itself.  The old Yealink handsets are a world away from the ones they are selling now.

Yealink SIP-T54W Add50