Office Relocations

Office Relocations – Moving a Phone System

They say moving house is more stressful than a death in the family.  I guess they never tried to relocate a place of business. Even more stressful. But it doesn’t have to be.

We have supervised and relocated many offices and many phone systems.  We are experts at co-coordinating timing so that your new office is up-and-running as soon as possible with minimal lost working hours to you and your staff.

If you have your own IT staff, we are happy to work with them and provide cabling maps and Comms rack layouts to them beforehand so you can best coordinate how the phone system and IT equipment will best be set up in your office space.  If you don’t have your own IT staff, we have some very reliable and highly technical companies that we have worked with over the last 10 years that we can recommend.

A few tips to ensure a smoother transition:

  • Start the process as soon as possible.  As soon as you gain access to the new premises, we can run through where you would like your staff to sit, where the faxes, printers, eftpos machines and boardroom conference phones should wire out to.
  • We can work out where the cameras should go inside the premises and out.
  • Get us in to run the cables before you clad the walls.  This will save us time and you money.
  • Install your NBN service as soon as you get access to the new premises.    If there are any problems out in the street the NBN will only find them once they try to install your service so this can cause an inconvenient delay in service for you.
  • Once the cabling has been completed, the Internet Connected you are ready for the relocation.
  • We can assist you in ordering with the carrier for the relocation of your lines.  Or we can provide our own lines through our partners.
  • On the day of relocation we will turn up, backup the system, pack up the system and then re-install it at new location.  We’ll connect the lines and all the handsets.  We’ll test and make sure everything is the way you want it.
  • We will reprogram the system as you see fit on the day for your new location, and if moving to larger premises, we can install extra cards and phones on desks ready for when staff move in.
  • We’ll make sure we call you the next day to make sure everything worked out well for you.