Phone Bill Analysis

We can save you up to 60% savings on your telecommunications costs

Blue Sky Comms often finds its customers up to 60% savings in unused lines and call plans that aren’t well-suited for their business.   Blue Sky Comms offers a complimentary Phone Bill and Phone Line Audit.

A Phone Bill Audit is an essential part of optimising your business expenses.  We are confident we can save you hundreds every year. If we can’t find any cost savings on your auditing your bill, we offer you a service call free of charge as a thank-you for your time. A phone bill analysis can be conducted no matter which phone company or provider you are signed up with and can include fixed line, mobile and data services.

Our Phone Bill Audit will confirm for you:

  • Whether your Telephone Company or Call Provider is charging you the agreed rates.
  • Whether you are on the most appropriate call plan for your business
  • Billing discrepancies and possible credits.
  • An overview of your call patterns and how these impact costs.
  • An opportunity to understand and look at new phone technologies and how these impact cost and operational efficiencies.

How to get started: Contact us, and we can analyse your phone bill right away – normally within 24 hours.  Once the Phone Billing Audit has been completed, you will be contacted and provided with consultation covering the results and any recommendations.