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When businesses in Melbourne want a simple easy to use phone system that will last for years, here’s what they do…

Companies looking for a solid, inexpensive phone system with the highest levels of reliability turn to Blue Sky Comms for the ideal phone system solution.

Learn how we can install the simplest, easiest to use phone system for your business quickly and professionally so that you won’t have to worry about maintenance or upgrades anytime soon.


  • choose your plan

  • Handsets Installed
  • Phone Lines
  • Digital Handset Capacity
  • Red Green LEDs each button
  • Programmable keys
  • Headset port build into phone
  • Day/Night Mode at touch of a button or Automactic Timer
  • LIU for Music on Hold
  • Warranty on Parts
  • Pricing
  • $1449

  • NEC


  • 8
  • 8
  • 8
  • yes
  • 16 Button
  • Standard RJ11
  • yes
  • yes
  • 6 Months (Main Equipment+Cards+Handsets)
  • $1449
  • $1499

  • NEC


  • 8
  • 8
  • 8
  • yes
  • 16 Button
  • Standard RJ11
  • yes
  • yes
  • 12 Months (Main Equipment+Cards+Handsets)
  • $1499
  • $1999

  • Panasonic


  • 8
  • 8
  • 12 (Expandable to 24 using XPD ports)
  • yes
  • 24 Button
  • Requires adaptor
  • yes
  • yes
  • 12 Months (Main Equipment+Cards+Handsets)
  • VM optional Extra 12Months Warranty
  • AA optional Extra 12Months Warranty
  • $1999

( NEC XEN | NEX IPK | Panasonic TDA )


Diagram Blue Sky Comms Presents the Insert handsets here


Why are customers love working with us.


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You are buying NEC’s legendary reliability



We installed a NEC XEN 9 years ago and have had lots of changes in that time but only one fault and that was when citi power replaced the meters.

Plus BlueSkyComms Installations Procedure that leaves nothing to chance


We Plan

We ask the right questions for you to get the system you need.

→  We create a map of your business to be through

→ detailed consultation on what your old phones did

What did you like about your old phone system?

We’ll keep all the things you liked about the old system.

What did you hate about them?


→ You have 8 Handsets, if you don’t have 8 staff where can you put a phone?

Stick one in the Warehouse, the Factory, the Lunchroom,  anywhere an intercom would be useful for your business.

Remember where there is an intact existing cable and socket we can put a phone in for you.


We save you money

We ask the questions to make better use of things you already have in your business and look for ways to save you money by making best use of them so even if you are tight on lines we can save you getting another one and if we find lines we can get rid of for you by sharing the savings keep adding up.

Remember our phone systems have 4 Analogue ports

Previously separate devices can now use the same lines

Eftpos, Hicaps, Bank Modems, Franking Machines, Security Systems

We will integrate them and share lines

We can integrate your fax line into the system and us it as a free line when all others are used saving the need to purchase additional lines down the track. You are can still use your phone system through your fax line even if all yoru phone lines are full. Faxes still come in


We Do Outstanding Work


We’ll install and tail out the system professionally and neatly

often replacing and reparing the baby tangle that most other companies leave behind


BEFORE PICTURE                                                       AFTER PICTURE


This is quite often what we are called out to do on existing sites anyway

Our Comms Room tidy Ups are sadly a growing part of our business


BEFORE PICTURE                                                        AFTER PICTURE


When the phone system is installed by us it gets done the right way the first time

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Our Cutovers Are Quck And Painless

No Discernible Down Time For Your Business


Where your old system is cut over to your new NEC IPK the downtime is often less than a minute. We keep your receptions handsets and all the lines on right up to cutover -move the lines and the last handsts and you are up and running on the brand new phone system

Downtime is often less than a minute




We can do this in small groups, with examples, interaction during training and test calls

Of course we also provide cheat sheets for everything they need to know for day to day use.

We provide comprehensive training guides as well and always train 1 or 2 staff members on the admin of the phones and train them to be your ongoing trainers.


Remember we are Always Available on the on call mobile for any questions


With your purchase of the NEC IPK phone system you are buying on of the most intuitive and easy to use systems that from day 1 will blend seamlessly into your businesses




We love the NEC System incredibly easy to use


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You are buying Peace of Mind


That’s the standard for a new phone system


We warranty the Main Equipment

                           the Cards For 1 Year

                           the Handsets


You’re buying NEC’s legendary reliability in the IPK






We provide over the phone support and answer any questions you have

-no maintenance plan its all part of our helpful service


Want to know something else?


We know the NEC IPK phone system off by heart and can instruct you on how to use

how to change and how to make minor programming changes over the phone


Want to change Ext Names as staff changes?

Call us. We can tell you over the phone


Josh Bulleen Screens Testamonial

BSC make everythigng easy to understand and they deliver what they promise


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Does the NEC IPK have everything that I’m looking for?



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Reasons to buy a phone system from Blue Sky Comms


We’ve  covered all bases so you can feel confident in your decision to buy a used phone system
  • All our Used Phone Systems have been fully refurbished, checked, cleaned and tested
  • Our systems come with a 1 Year warranty
  • We offer free phone support after the system is installed
  • Our systems are leading brands (NEC, Alcatel, Samsung and Panasonic)
  • We only use modern looking systems with modern features
  • Our 1 Year warranty includes the system and handsets
  • We only have qualified, certified, technicians to install the phone systems
  • We  offer phone skills training so your staff know how to use it
  • We have an ongoing supply of spare parts and critical spares for all the systems we install and support