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Unlimited phone calls for $129 a month + free iPhone 4S

March 25th, 2012
  • Professionally installed GSM Gateway allows for unlimited national calls to mobiles and landlines in Australia from your existing phone system
  • $1500 upfront for the installation and hardware – $129 monthly






What is a GSM Gateway?

It’s a mobile phone in a box.  We connect it to your business phone system through a spare telephone line port and suddenly all the calls you make through it are capped.

Do I have to buy a mobile phone plan for this?

Yes.  That is what the $129 a month covers.  This allows you to get unlimited calls on this line.  You also get the goodies associated with getting a mobile phone plan.  You get a free phone.

How much money can I save with this?

Rough Estimate:

Look at your last phone bill.  Count up all the mobile phone costs you made from your landlines.  Add them all up. Multiply by 12 to see what it costs you in a year.  That’s a pretty good estimate of what you will save.

Exact Savings:

Look at your last phone bill. Count up all the mobile phone costs excluding any mobile phone calls made at the same time. Do that for each of the last 12months.  You have now just calculated the exact savings your business could have been making.



Whats in it for me?                                                                   

You get great savings on your business phone bill

How great depends on how often you have to call other mobiles or interstate.

Contact Blue Sky Comms today and get unlimited calls for $129 a month and a brand new Apple iPhone 4S in your choice of colours. 

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